Rhode Island Jewish Historical Association
The oldest local ethnic historical society in Rhode Island.


The Notes, Published Annually The Association’s annual journal, the Rhode Island Jewish Historical Notes, has been published since 1954. More than 300 articles reflect all aspects of Rhode Island Jewish history. Some featured subjects have been immigration, demography, neighborhoods, businesses, interesting individuals, etc. The Association has published indices to the Notes, available on this website. To view back issues of the NOTES, click here. To view NOTES that are now on-line, click here.

Olneyville Hebrew Club, August 14, 1936The Jews of Rhode Island by Goodwin and Smith was published in 2004 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of The Notes and the 350th anniversary of the America Jewish Community. It contains a selection of some of the more informative articles that have been published in The Notes over the past 50 years, with introductions and additional comments from George Goodwin, Ellen Smith, and Jonathan Sarna.

In addition, as part of the Images of America series, the Association published a small book of select images chosen from our extensive archival collections on Rhode Island Jewish history. Jews of Rhode Island, 1658-1958 by Foster, Horvitz, and Cohen was published in 1998.

Please contact the office if you would like to purchase physical copies of any of the books listed above. Prices include shipping. The prices are as follows:

    • Most recent issue of the

RIJH Notes

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    • Previous issues of the

RIJH Notes

    • : $10

The Jews of Rhode Island

    • by Goodwin and Smith: $25

Jews of Rhode Island, 1658 – 1958

    by Foster, Horovitz, and Cohen: $10

There are two books especially important to Rhode Island Jewish history that are now out-of-print. One is A Century and a Quarter of Spiritual Leadership: The Story of the Congregation of the Sons of Israel and David (Temple Beth-El) Providence, Rhode Island by Seebert J. Goldowsky (1989). The other is The Jews of Rhode Island: A Brief History by Geraldine Foster (1985). Both are available for view in our library. In addition, Foster’s book is available in PDF here.